Jay Clare Voorhees

 Was the first School Nurse/Health Educator at Memorial Jr. School in the Hanover Township School District in 1965. Jay Clare was a member of the MCSNA, Hanover Township Education Association and the American Cancer Society (ACS).  As a member of MCSNA Executive Board she held several positions including Second Vice President (Dinner Chair), First Vice President (Program Chair) and then served two terms as President.  As Program Chair, Jay implemented the first October dinner meeting to establish a scholarship program for student nurses which is continued today. She supported the ACS “Making Strides” Walk, and Daffodil Days. Through Jay Clare’s work with ACS, all MCSNA mailings and workshops were held at no cost and she was recognized as “Volunteer of the Year" by ACS in 1985.  Jay Clare served the Hanover Township Educational Association negotiations team, representing school nurses as part of the educational staff.  When Jay was hired, school nurses were not considered to be at the same professional level as teachers receiving significantly lower pay than the teaching staff members. But Jay’s mantra is “Nurses are Teachers."   Through her efforts and other leaders of MCSNA, school nurses were placed on the Teachers Salary Guide. Jay also served as president of the Hanover Township Educational Association from 1987-1991 and was awarded a plaque for her dedication and leadership when she was recognized as the”Hanover Township Teacher of the Year 2006-2007."  Retiring in 2010, Jay said that she found her profession to be a most rewarding career: “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

Judy Woop
Judy initially worked at West Milford Township HS (Passaic County) then as school nurse at Butler High School (BHS) where she received the annual school nurse mailings from Morris County School Nurses. After completing the the volunteer form she began working on several committees. The nurse leaders at that time “never let go “of a new recruit. Judy then served as co-chair of the Public Education Youth Committee and promoted events for the Morris County Chapter of the American Cancer Society (Great American Smoke–Out, Daffodil Days Sale, and Breast Cancer Awareness). She initiated the Annual Blood Drive at BHS encouraging students to donate blood to assist children with cancer and for needed replacement after surgery. She also served as Liaison to NJSSNA and NASN, attending and speaking at NJEA Conventions, American Healthcare Institute Seminars and as a poster presenter at NASN. Judy received additional training as a Certified Replicator of the Physical Assessment Skills Seminars (PASS) Project and replicated seminars for school nurses in Morris County and later throughout New Jersey. As liaison to NJSSNA, Judy served as NJSSNA Publicity Chair, Editor of the Newsletter, NJEA Convention Program Chair and President of NJSSNA. As an Adjunct Faculty member at Caldwell, Judy introduced Computerized Programs (including the IHP) to school nurses in the Certification Program and to county school nurses. She also promoted continuing education through the Jean Hazley series of programs with Morris County school nurses as featured speakers on Asthma, 504 Plans and Concussion. As president of NJSSNA, Judy worked closely with the MCSNA in a grass roots effort by letter writing, obtaining legislative support and testifying at the Department of Education as well as committee hearings in an effort to pass Public Law 1999 (requiring Certification for School Nurses).  Judy currently serves as the Executive Director for the NJSSNA.

Karen Noland
School Nurse in Madison at Kings Road School was “recruited” by Alice Otto for a position on the Executive Board of MCSNA. Karen served as Corresponding Secretary, Scholarship Chair, 2nd VP (Dinner Chair), President, and Past President. Karen was the Standards and Practice Chairperson for NJSSNA was chosen as MCSNA School Nurse of the Year 1999-2000 and the NJSSNA School Nurse of the Year 1999-2000. She was recognized at the NASN Convention in Milwaukee that year.

Carol McGotty
School Nurse of Morris Knolls High School, was recruited by Fran Roth from the Jefferson School District. Carol started as a nurse at Morris Catholic High School, while attending Caldwell College. She then worked as a School Nurse and Family Life Educator at the East Dover School for 7 years before joining the nursing staff at Morris Knolls High School. She was recognized as “Volunteer of the Year” by the Morris County Unit of ACS with Barbara Cerullo of the Mine Hill School District in 1989. Advocating for the working conditions for school nurses, Carol’s master’s thesis at East Stroudsburg University in 1992 explored the Variables, supports or contributors to the tension satisfaction and dissatisfaction for the school nurse health educator.  As President of the MCSNA she fought “privatization” of school nursing services across the county eliciting the support of the NJSSNA. As President-elect of the NJSSNA, she worked with Judy Woop, President, NJSSNA Legislative Chairs and NJEA to help pass a school nurse ratio bill and as President, to preserve school nursing “certification” as the standard of practice in our specialty. Carol was honored as the MCSNA School Nurse of the Year and the NJSSNA School Nurse of the Year 1995-96.

Judy Martin
School Nurse of Black River Middle School, Chester Township School District. Judy graduated from Jersey City State in 1985 and initially was employed at Morris Hills High School before joining her colleagues in Chester. Judy joined M.C.S.N.A. as the Legislative Representative to N.J.S.S.N.A. in Trenton. She then served as Recording Secretary for M.C.S.N.A.. Judy remained an active member until retirement in 2005.

Maureen Siebold
A School Nurse Health Educator at Troy Hills Elementary School in Parsippany was one of 50 New Jersey teachers to receive The A+ for Kids Teacher Network Award on October 3rd, 1991.  Maureen was recognized for her “Playground Safety Sense Award Program” which teaches safe behavior practices. From the school nurse and guidance counselor children learn responsible behaviors and attitudes that prevent accidents and injuries. When students earn 10 “Thank-You-Grams” they receive a certificate, a small prize, and recognition over the public address system. Maureen developed a teachers in-service  program entitled “The Blood Borne Pathogens Game” for her colleagues in Parsippany schools in 1999,  a “jeopardy- like game” to educate teachers on this topic in a fun way. The program was featured on NJEA’s Classroom Close-up on public television. Maureen holds a Master’s degree in Health Education from East Stroudsburg University. After retirement Maureen was an instructor at Caldwell College, where she invited representatives of the MCSNA to present the Role and Practice of  School Nursing to her students. She also was an instructor William Paterson in their school nursing program.

Lois Taylor
School Nurse of Dickerson School in Chester Township started her career in school nursing as a substitute in the West Morris Regional High School system in 1974 and 1975. Just as the mandatory certification for school nurses became law. Lois, and many others who were seriously pursuing a career in school nursing, started the certification process at satellite courses offered in Morris and Sussex County. When these were no longer offered Lois commuted to Jersey City to complete the program in 1979.  Lois served as President from 1993-1995 having been Second and First Vice President and was chosen as the MCSNA of the Year in 1998. At the state level, Lois held the position as the Job Placement Coordinator for NJSSNA providing school districts throughout the state with certified school nurses seeking employment in public schools after her tenure as MCSNA President. 

Marie Moller
The first School Nurse at Regional Day School at Morris, was recruited by Joan Terreri to join the Executive Board of MCSNA serving well as the Hospitality Chair, Recording Secretary, 2nd Vice President (Dinner Chair), President, and Past President.  Marie arranged to have MCSNA meetings at the Regional Day School changing the usual format of evening meetings to “after school” meetings encouraging more participation from potential Morris County members. Marie was chosen as the Morris County School Nurse of Year in 1997 recognizing her for her dedication and advocacy for school children challenged by multiple disabilities. Marie joined her colleagues attending NASN conventions in New Mexico, Washington D.C., Florida, and Rhode Island.

Nancy Nicholson
School Nurse in Boonton High School, President of MCSNA 1989-1991 was formerly the Nurse Educator at Riverside Hospital. Nancy was encouraged to join the MCSNA Executive Board by Jane Hopkins, a School Nurse from Montville School District and moved up the ranks through many of the executive board positions. Nancy was the first to initiate CPR Certification for Morris County School Nurses. Nancy served as the NJSSNA Liaison after her tenure as President. Nancy’s philosophy is that we are our own best teachers and can learn so much sharing our experiences and expertise with each other; a “School Nurse Share-Shop” demonstrated the validity of that concept.


Peggy Fiorello
School Nurse at Copeland Middle School, Rockaway Township School District was recruited by Jeanne Smalley, the township’s “lead nurse.” Peggy served as Sunshine Chair, then Scholarship Chair, going up the ranks to Recording Secretary Second Vice President, First Vice President and then President in 2007-2009.  As Program Chair, Peggy provided quality programs for CEUs including her work with the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Walks.” Peggy recalls struggling to transition from the hard copy generation into the online world and moved MCSNA forward with the with the website MCSNA.net.

Beverly Cieplik
School Nurse Morristown High School began her school nurse career at Lafayette Learning Center where she was Teacher of the Year. Beverly always believed in utilizing community resources and with Morristown Memorial Hospital, initiated the first flu vaccination program at Morristown High School, introduced CPR for the Senior Class and the school nurse staff; advocated for and obtained the first AED in the health office of her high school, the first in Morris County. Beverly was the Historian for the MCSNA and as Vice President in her last year providing many continuing educational programs for Morris County school nurses. Bev also was trained through an NJEA and American Cancer Society program for Early Detection of Breast Cancer which she presented in several districts and at Morris County educational seminars for teachers and educational staff.   

Linda Bond
Was the School Nurse and full time Health Teacher in Rockaway Borough from 1985 until 2010. She also served for many years as Lincoln School's Representative in the district’s educational association. Linda joined the MCSNA Executive Board in 1987 recruited by Lynn Tarbell as the Dental Health Chairperson. In addition, Linda held several Executive Board positions serving as Secretary, Treasurer, Second Vice President, First Vice President and then President from 2003-2005.  Linda was recognized by her peers as the Morris County School Nurse of the Year in 2007 which she considers her highest honor. In her role as advocate, Linda helped guide many children in different aspects of their young lives and in retirement, is still in contact with some of them. 

Carolyn Gallagher
School Nurse in Montville Township, served on the Executive Board of MCSNA from 1989 to 2007, when she retired. Carolyn held the MCSNA position as Dental Health Committee Chair for several years and was Second Vice President (Dinner Chair).

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