Membership Job Description
~Wendy Busby and Patty Allocca~
~Update Website Membership Portal (dues, dates, names, etc.)
try to streamline it.
~Open Portal for July 1st.
~ Send blast (secretary to do this) reminding membership of benefits.
~Membership closes by October 1st so that directory can be completed in a
timely fashion. Anyone who joins any time later will not be in the directory.
~Membership good through June 3oth and is renewed each year.
~Must be a current member to receive emails and receive free PD programs.
~JotForm Info checked against last year’s directory. Directory updated to reflect
changes (e.g. retirees, transfers, changes in numbers, etc).
~Completion of New Directory - This has been a paid job as it is very time
consuming with computer skills (excel) required. In the past, paid $300.
~Between July and the end of September, send membership blasts every few
~Once Directory is completed, PDF is emailed to all members.
~ members emails are shared with secretary.
~If feeling ambitious, compose a letter to said non-member nurses in county
encouraging them to join.
~Get emails and send to each school nurse. (this was done 2 and 3 years ago
and had a nice response).
~If time permits, call people who seem to have forgotten to sign up.
~Call recent retirees to remind them to sign up.
~The membership chair troubleshoots difficulties with registration, she is the
point person if someone has questions about type of membership, explains that
they cannot pay by check or voucher, often people call for various reasons.
~membership chair works with ByLaws if changes need to be made to
membership types. ~If ByLaws makes changes - membership has to be sure
that they are reflected on explantation of types of membership on the Jotform

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