A parliamentarian, or parliamentary procedure consultant, assists in interpreting and applying the “Rules of Order” for meetings. ... A parliamentarian's main function is to give advice on parliamentary procedure to the president, officers, committees, and members of a group or organization.


Robert’s Rules of Order

Smaller boards can be less rigid with procedure. However, the President is the presiding officer and should direct the meeting agenda. All members should focus on following the agenda and not transgress from the order.

Follow the agenda and consider a “comment” time after each officer/committee report, otherwise have a “discussion” session at one point in the agenda.

The agenda should be received by the officers and committee chairs three days prior to the meeting so items can be corrected, changed or added. Everyone should print or bring the agenda and past minutes to the meeting.

2⁄3 majority is needed for a vote to achieve a quorum.

Three important motions:

1. Main- “I move .....”

2. Amendment-to add to or subtract from the main motion

3. Amend the amendment-Make a small change to the amendment


1. A quorum (2⁄3) must be present to hold a meeting

2. Approve the minutes from the previous meeting

3. Officer reports and committee reports

4. Unfinished business-any tabled motions from the previous meeting (Secretary

must add to the agenda)

5. New business

6. Closing/adjourn meeting

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