Responsibilities are to oversee everyone else.
Your most immediate concerns are that you should, if you have not already, draft a letter to the membership introducing yourself and talking about your plans...You can draft a new one once the school year is underway.  And then a new one next school year. These will be posted on the web site and you can email through Anne as well.You also need to think about all your dates for next year. You can set your dates and then send them to your webmaster to post. Keep in mind that you don't want to conflict with Jewish Holidays in September, Spring breaks in April, and the Big events the NJSSNA sponsors so check your calendar before setting any dates. Furnish those dates to your programming chair. 

As you have already done you can create your agenda every month. I liked to ask for a report when people indicate if they are joining. If you will continue your in person meetings, make sure that you call ahead to reserve space for the meeting . La Cucina was very accommodating with this and you didn't have to give much notice. If someone won't be present for the meeting you must make sure that someone else will be there to cover  especially the recording secretary of the treasurer who pays for the food.

When we have programs, especially dinners, make sure that the person running it is aware of all the small things like room requests, gifts to honor people ,gift cards.any important guests that are attending who should be highlighted.  You will run all meetings and programs, especially dinners. You are their go to person when they don't know what to do. 


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