Recording Secretary Role
● Attend monthly executive board meetings
● Use President’s agenda as guide
● Record meeting minutes
● Attach attendance
● Follow Robert’s rules format; The Structure of the Minutes pages 144-150 which will be
included in the folder passed along. As well as notes fromRobert’s Rules of order Newly
Revised (11th Edition)
● Send a draft of the minutes to the executive board for review approximately one week
prior to the meeting. Request any edits with a deadline. Once the deadline has passed,
make any corrections if needed.
● Send the final draft to the corresponding secretary to add with the new meeting agenda,
budget and whatever else will be sent prior to the upcoming meeting. This allows
executive board members to print their own minutes, saves time in reading and
reviewing minutes at the meeting, and allows for quick approval of minutes.
● Once approved, staple minutes with attendance sheets. Keep all hard copy minutes in
the binder for the two years that you are recording secretary and pass along to the next

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