The Chairperson of the Sunshine committee is in charge of purchasing small gifts of appreciation for active members of MCSNA. We celebrate good and welfare like retirement or acknowledge life cycle events such as the death of a parent. I usually spend up to 100., always check with the treasurer and President before spending money, and try to evaluate all costs including shipping, handling and taxes. One year we had several members of our executive board retire, and I ordered personalized jewelry boxes from ‘Things Remembered’. When our MCSNA Presidents finished their terms, I ordered personalized cheese boards, which were over 100. from a store called Frick and Frack in Wayne. This year the person that filled in for me ordered gift cards. I try to match the gift with the person, and for some people, donating to a charity is more meaningful than purchasing a personalized item. I have found when you order flowers, if you order in the neighborhood where the person lives, they may waive the delivery charges.


This is a good committee for someone that wants to maintain their connection with the executive board, but cannot always attend executive board meetings.

Sunshine Committee

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